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we don’t build websites,
we build businesses

Screentime has a vast portfolio of services which, when combined, offers a holistic digital approach to your business. We believe that the more pieces you have the greater the value of your Brand. Our group of in-house experts cater to a variety of digital needs.

We’re geared to maximise brand exposure on all digital platforms and increase your lead generation. Call us your “Lead Magnet”. Our services include customised Brand Strategies, Digital Marketing, and E-Commerce.

we do

Screentime develops custom brand solutions and strategies for your business. We use a variety of tools to ensure brand consistency and relevance to attract both your current and potential users.

A culmination of a well-thought through brand strategy, using all available digital tools and platforms to reach your ideal user. Measuring and tweaking constantly as dictated by the data.

E-commerce has come to the rescue! With convenient transactions conducted electronically on the Internet you can save your company money and save your customers time.

Web Apps are apps that are used to solve your everyday business problems, from ticketing systems to surveys, to POS, social media. Web apps can work the same as mobile apps...

How we do it

Before a single pixel is created, we first have to know what problem we solving. Thus, we put on our scuba gear and dive deep into your business to reveal the “TRUTH”. Dispell any assumptions – understand your industry through thorough research. We then cook up a strategy to meet your business needs.

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