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twitter ads

Twitter Ads


Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads assist by expanding the reach of a brand’s messaging. Twitter is one of the 6 active social media platforms used in South Africa. It is the fastest way for everyday users to express themselves and keep up with news and trends. Screentime uses Twitter ads to create and boost balanced content that keeps up with trends yet remains relevant over time. We use diverse ad formats that work for your company and its messaging. Twitter ads amplify your messages to promote your brand’s:


Promote company tweets for more retweets and likes. This will increase the interaction between your twitter page and users.

Twitter Account

Use Twitter ads to get more followers on your Twitter page.


Twitter content is generally kept short and to the point. Twitter Ads can use this short content to lead users to your website where they can learn more about your brand.

Twitter ads have their creative and budget savvy benefits:

Only Pay for Action

Twitter ads have a low cost per click. This is an option where you only pay for reaching your marketing objectives. Whether your aim is for users to engage with your Twitter account, visit your website, or install an app- you only pay for those who participated. This is a great tool for guaranteed lead generation.

Keyword Targeting

Twitter ads take target marketing to unique levels. Not only can you target users according to their profile and interests, Twitter also allows you to target people who engage with a specific topic. This could be a recently used term or a hashtag within their twitter updates.

Tweet Engagement

Twitter ads make it easier for you to retarget to people who recently saw or engaged with your tweet or ad. This function promotes constant user interaction with your brand. Increasing your engagement rates brings greater lead generation.

Tailored Audiences

Expanding your target reach is convenient with Twitter ads. It gives you access to users who follow specific accounts. This feature is a great bonus when you’re creating your own tailored audience for your ads.

If anything happens online chances are it will spread the fastest through Twitter. It is the home of trends, hashtags, and fast-paced messaging. Screentime uses Twitter ads to ensure your brand remains on top of trends, bringing you closer to your desired consumer and keeping you there!