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search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing process that uses keywords, links, related topics and content on your site to increase your expertise in the eyes of a search engine. A good SEO strategy will ensure that online users find your brand easier when searching for a solution that you offer. Once you show up higher on search engines, you get a one-up on your competitors and gain more “organic traffic”.

Search Engine Optimisation is a vital content strategy tool. A Content Strategy refers to the creation and use of brand content for marketing and lead generation processes. These need to be consistent with your Brand, target market and messaging. We use the customer’s experience to create content that will attract reliable users. SEO keywords make that process easier by using browsers to bring the user to the content.

The main advantages of SEO marketing are:

The User Experience:

People can find options through search engines using a simple word. SEO’s give your user enough relevant information- in the form of keywords, to find your brand first. There are many ways you can improve your website and maximise user experience. With enough keywords, all words relative to your services will boost your brand’s awareness.

The Great Lead:

A great brand SEO strategy can be used as a primary source of leads. Users who research online already have a specific need and purpose in mind. SEO’s are a great marketing tool because this strategy makes it easier for them to find you. This results in organic lead generation. A good ranking of your site on any search engine can guarantee you high conversion rates.

Credibility and Brand Awareness:

Customers generally skew towards the top results on a search engine. Beyond paid adverts, the assumption is that the top brands that appear are the best and most reliable. The truth is, some just have great SEO Strategy. It shows that you are popular and that many users have researched you, too. Once you remain at the top of the ranking, Internet users will be able to see and trust you more.

Think Long-Term:

Unlike marketing campaigns which have end dates, SEO strategies surpasses time. As long as there is someone searching for what you offer, you can remain in the top ranks. With a variety of Screentime services and strategies combined, you can extend this duration.

Stay Above the rest:

SEO’s are like a popularity contest. You need to stay relevant and adapt your SEO strategy over time to remain above your competitors. Your competitors are likely already taking steps to establish high rankings in search results. Screentime’s approach will help you keep up, move ahead of them.

Screentime’s SEO process is a specialised content strategy that is unique to each company’s website and how their application is developed. We have access to multiple online resources which make the process of SEO evolution easier and more effective. We also measure and track your content’s success, making revisions where necessary. Search engine processes are ever changing and evolving. Our SEO approach is to keep your brand on top of current trends, being a step further than your competitors.