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Tracy Mtshali Foundation Website Design

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Tracy Mtshali Foundation is an NGO based in Kwa-Zulu Natal that provides and mobilizes resources to support quality education and youth empowerment to underprivileged children in rural schools. With that in mind, we had to represent their brand online in a way that celebrates the lives of these children in need. The biggest goal for most NGO is to get volunteers and donors and make it easy for those type of applications to take place.


Website Design
Using their colours, brand identity and and vision of the NGO we had to bring together all these components to tell an online story. A story told through visuals, through stories, through the truth. The same visuals which attract donors, sponsors and volunteers, making Screentime part of their story. To empathise with their story we had to understand what their vision and mission is, we had to be part of it. Making us deliver the best work possible at the lowest cost possible.
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Marketing Collataral
Along with the website we designed their marketing collateral because we understand that your brand needs to align online and offline.


Tracy Mtshali Foundation