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15 St Margarets, NY 10033
(+381) 11 123 4567
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TODEPOINT Corporate Idenitity

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The challenge here is simple- no brand? no problem, Screentime to the rescue!
Todepoint, pronounced To~De(THE)~Point is a project management company that deals with property development in upper echelon neighbourhoods, the vision was to take the brand and conceptualise it into a solid corporate identity that encompasses the company’s vision, mission and goals. With our team of qualified and talented whizzes, this was a fun experience.


Corporate Identity
The “expensive” logo, using the T and the P respectively inherited from architectural lines where the P symbolises a dome structure taken from door architectural plans. Taking this simple laid back concept and making it a simple but elegant logo we were able to communicate the level of professionalism that TODEPOINT Property Development lives by. The rest of the Corporate Identity kit which includes, business cards, letterhead templates, signature designs and company profile encompasses the company’s vision.


TODEPOINT Property Development