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The Accounting Village Branding and Website

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The Accounting Village is a 100% female-owned, world-class provider of financial services that was recently relaunched as it migrated to be a cloud accounting service provider.

The Accounting Village offers cloud accounting services which is 10 steps away from normal traditional accounting.

As part of the relaunch, the new branding was required to introduce and communicate the value proposition of this entity as well as taking accounting services to a digital platform.


Corporate Identity
The logo is constructed from an inverted percentage icon % which symbolises Excel calculations and the logo inverted presents the letter A and the letter V which resembles their branding name. The colour coordination was distinctive to also represent the brands of online accounting software which will be used to service their clients.
The video below created by us also explains the business and its process.

e-Commerce Website
From purchasing once-off services to purchasing monthly accounting services, to purchasing monthly accounting services – no, you did not read that twice. Business is moving towards the digital environment and time is becoming a commodity, the solution was to automate everything as much as possible. So from purchasing accounting services online to an automated response that collects data from clients, then incorporating cloud accounting software. This is the future of e-commerce.
I don’t think they are paying us for selling their business lol, or are they?

Social Media Marketing
As a newly incorporated digital accounting firm, sales needed to be made – online. We broke up the project into the following elements:

  1. Brand awareness – In this stage we created a following through the relevant social media channels according to the the clients’ user personas through paid marketing. Social media channels that were used were Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. The goal was to grow a following, and indeed we killed.
  2. Lead Nurturing – By creating blogs of informative and useful content, we were able to get engaged users and frequent readers on the website. This helps with thought leadership and brand empowerement within the clients’ industry.
  3. Lead Conversion – In this stage we promote products through landing pages and Google ads campaigns using this phase it helps us increase the conversion rate and increase the SEO ranking on Google. See snippet below for top ranking pages of the website for the first month with a very minimal budget.