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15 St Margarets, NY 10033
(+381) 11 123 4567
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SASA Creations e-Commerce Website

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“SASA Creations prioritises the aesthetic and functional needs of each clients’ home and/or office by customising each facet in your sacred space.”
We also do not know what that means, but it’s provocative, it gets the people going!
Just kidding, SASA is a business based in Kyalami, yes just near the race track. They sell beautiful furniture and diffusers that smells very expensive – I mean exquisite. They also provide services that include landscaping, wallpaper, home automation and curtains that open when you ask Siri. Screentime was contacted to make their digital footprint bigger. That’s the wonderful thing about e-commerce, it scales your into businesses into places that cannot be reached through rent. Thus saving you rent?


e-Commerce Website

When we walked into that store, it felt like a haven for interior designers and people who loved exquisite space. Taking that store and putting it online and enter you into virtual reality just to describe the beauty was a bit difficult because websites cannot produce a scent. LOL.
So we tried our best to bring that store to life by creating a virtual shop and a story behind each product or service.
Salespeople exist online too.


SASA Creations