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Revive Wellness Spa Website and Booking System

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Revive Wellness Spa located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, a beautiful sanctuary of relaxation and peace. A place to escape the city within the city. Only one problem, these beautiful words could not be visualized through their website, booking a session was like trying to find a needle in a haystack – the system was outdated. So they called Screentime to the rescue. I think we should create a superhero?


One of our best work, we did not just build the website but we built the creative content that became part of the website. From shooting a promo video to shooting the treatments as well as the treatment rooms, we could bring the spa directly to your device. Take you through a virtual trip of relaxation and calm, don’t view the website now if you’re not going to book a session lol.


Booking System

We have to be honest these days that booking systems are very expensive. What makes them expensive? From them being linked to your banking system, accounting system and POS sounds like exorbitant amounts of money, but we were able to build this booking system with all these integrations at a fraction of the cost.
From booking a session to purchasing a digital voucher for a loved one to be able to book a session, we took the phone call system and removed it totally so transactions may be completed on the website, cutting the client administration time so that they can deal with growing their businesses because here at Screentime we do not just build websites, but we build businesses.


Revive Wellness Spa