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Mr. Brick Responsive Website Development

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Mr Brick is a brick manufacturing company based in Secunda. They use fly ash to manufacture their bricks which means they are able to provide these bricks at cheaper rates to their low level clients. There is a gap in this market as it’s not many black-owned companies that provide this type of service. The first step was for us to give them a brand identity then add them online so that they can be reached from your cellphone, thus developing a responsive website.


Website Development
The process we go through before developing a website is understanding the consumer who will interact with the website. The consumers of Mr Brick are mostly lower LSM clients who do not have the privilege of a laptop. So developing this website we had to take in mind that it had to be a responsive website. A website that loads quickly, and has minimum resources possible, cutting costs for the client so that they can do the same for their clients.
The website is not over the top, but it is simple yet elegant, with the goal of leading the clients to the sites CTA’s (Call to Actions) and a mini information portal. All these discovered within the User Central Design process of the website phase.
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