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Ask a Parent (APN) is an online parenting Show and Parenting Network. As their name suggests, they create content for parents that range from pregnancy, healthcare, childcare, social issues, sex and relationships, and everything else that comes with parenting.

They approached us to take their parenting blog and turn it into a network where parents and parents (you didn’t read that twice) can share and engage on their experiences.



Blogging Website

Anybody can build a blogging website. It is as easy as going to any Blogger or WordPress.com. However, the disadvantage of these blogger sites is that they do not provide you a standalone domain (unless you purchase one) and also don’t rank higher organically in comparison to competitors with the same blog.
We created a platform where users are able to contribute content to this blog. Why? The goal of this blog, just like any other blog is to generate revenue through advertising. Companies like Google pay you a fortune to be an advertising partner.

So adding contributors to your blog increases your chances of search traffic because different topics are highlighted and the more contributors you have and the more you add new your content to your blog, Google is able to rank you higher organically.
In addition to content contributors, collecting contributors or readers email to send out weekly newsletters will keep your readers glued to your blog, there is a lot of advice we can give you on how to create a good blog, but we also need to make money :”D
So I would urge any parent to subscribe to this blog, not only because it was designed beautifully :), but because you are able to share experiences with other parents and able to see what other parents are going through. Who knows, maybe you might also just create a blog for your parenting journey? Just as long as we create it though!


Ask a Parent