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Linkedin Ads


Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn is a more formal digital platform that uses demand generator marketing aimed at the professionals you want to reach. Two profiles are opened every second on this network, with more than 400 million users to date who are also your audience. LinkedIn ads offers an online campaign manager which comes with an ad budgeter. This assists your brand with matching its budget to its potential reach. The campaign manager also includes reports on the progress your ads have on user interaction. Screentime uses these reports to test your messaging and optimise campaigns. LinkedIn ads offer:

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These ads appear directly in the LinkedIn feeds of the professionals you want to reach.

Sponsored InMail:

These ads allow you to deliver relevant content through LinkedIn Messenger.

Sponsored Text Ads:

These are simple ads which appear on the right side of the app screen.

What advantage do LinkedIn ads offer your brand?
400 million Access

The internet is vast with people who know what they want and those who are still searching for solutions. LinkedIn ads give your brand access to 400 million of those users who could benefit from your brand. These users are slightly older, more educated, and have a higher income than those on almost all other platforms.

Perfect targeting

With LinkedIn you can better specify who needs to see your campaign based on each user profile. Outside of target specifications such as age group or interests, LinkedIn offers industry-specific variables. Variables such as occupation, title or skillset, amongst others. The more focused and specific your targets are, the better results.

Stretch your Rand and your Reach

The LinkedIn ads help you accomplish your goals through strategic budget spending. It has options to suit your campaign budget and duration. Depending on these variables, you can pay-per-click, which means you only pay for people who saw and clicked on your ad. Or pay-per-impression, an option to only pay for people who have seen your ad.

Customised Options

Whether your campaign is more content-heavy or visually focused, you have a customised spot within the LinkedIn interface. There are nine different varieties of LinkedIn ads to suit your content, target audience and ad purposes. These varieties also allow you to adapt your content and customise how you advertise.

According to stats: Four out of five LinkedIn members are people who influence decision-making within businesses. As many as 60% of the profiles on LinkedIn are managers or people in leadership positions. Where there are leaders, there are followers. Screentime’s lead generation strategy uses this platform to bring your brand a number of quality leads.