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Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest yet most useful digital marketing tools. There are 3.8 billion email users globally. Which is why it remains the number one communication channel. People check their emails daily, as much as they browse the internet. Stat’s show that people who buy products advertised through emails spend 138% more than those who hadn’t received email offers. Email Marketing is useful for:


Use an email service provider to create a specific email database for you to introduce your brand to potential users.


Offer interested users the option to subscribe to your pages/ website. These new email addresses will increase the value of your database because of the number of relevant users the emails will reach.


You can promote specific website features, blogs, competitions or news about your brand. Loyal users can keep up with what your brand is up to.

Low Cost

Email marketing is less of an expense than other forms of marketing channels. Once you have invested in a database, you can track and evaluate your consumer emails and activities.

Increased ROI

Impulse buying is the reason behind the success of email marketing. It is one of few marketing channels where customers can witness an offer then purchase an item within minutes.

Relevant Messaging

A mailing list can give you detailed information on who your consumers are and what interests them. Companies use this information to target individual subscribers for specific sales or service offerings. This can greatly boost engagement rates.

Audience Engagement

Ordinarily, people who subscribe to your emailing list are organic consumers who already know about your brand. This allows for much higher conversion rates as you are targeting those who have an interest in what your brand offers.

Instant Impact

Click through results are easily seen within minutes of an email being sent. For example, an email marketing campaign with a 24-hour call to action can yield almost immediate results as compared to other marketing platforms.

Easy to measure

Email marketing allows you to track click-through and conversion rates. This allows you to easily calculate lead generation and spot how your brand can improve on a campaign.

Brand Evangelists

Subscribers can easily share your brilliant deals and offers with their friends and family. Spreading the good news is as easy as clicking on ‘forward’.

Email marketing offers a 28.5% average ROI as compared to similar platforms. Screentime utilises email specific content together with online resources to increase lead generation.