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E-Commerce Development



E-Commerce Development

We’re living in a world where the industry is in constant and rapid transformation. We are now in the 4th industrial revolution, everything is moving online at a fast pace. Rent is becoming expensive and businesses are forced to close down due to economic constraints.

E-commerce development has come to the rescue! With convenient transactions conducted electronically on the Internet, you can save your company money and save your customers time.

advantages of an e-commerce website:

E-commerce sites are available 24/7. Unlike physical stores which have specific trading hours, e-commerce allows visitors to browse and shop at any time.

E-commerce sites are quick and convenient because product and shopping cart pages load in a few seconds or less. With clearly defined product categories and a search bar, e-commerce site visitors can find products immediately. Unlike searching through endless isles in physical stores.

Physical stores are limited by size whereas E-commerce sites have unlimited Isles. This enables your brand to increase the number and types of products available for sale.

Unlike physical businesses that limit their reach to nearby clients, e-commerce businesses sell to any customer who can access the web. Thus potentially extending your business’ customer base globally.

E-commerce businesses avoid costs associated with physical stores. Such as rent, inventory and cashiers, amongst others.

E-commerce sites use visitors’ search and purchase history to present useful and personalized product recommendations. This allows your business to upsell through product pages labelled “Frequently bought together” and “You might also like.”

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