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Corporate Identity


Corporate Identity

An image that represents you, your brand or your Company.

Your Corporate Identity is the visual representation of your brand. This is how you present your business in the marketplace and determines how your perceived as a brand.

Screentime will help you look professional and remain memorable which could lead to an increase in lead generation. This includes a logo and graphic design, a corporate communication portfolio, and marketing materials.

Your CI is more than just business cards. It revolves around the representation of your entire Company and your Brand. You should be proud of your CI and everyone associated with your brand should use it accordingly.

It describes who you are as a Company- what you are about and what you do.

It Trademarks your Company.

It can appeal to more clients.

It makes your brand stand out in its industry.

It confirms that you are a well-established Company.

If makes smaller businesses look even larger.

It increases your credibility and you gain brand trust.

It can help with lead generation.

Shows consistency and it gives your clients a sense of stability.

Gives you benefits: increase prices because you appear more professional.

By using your CI to market your brand you present yourself professionally. At times it’s as simple as adding your logo, Company name and slogan and colours to your office décor, stationery, work shirts and your office building. People become attached to consistency. When you remain consistent with your CI, people will easily recognise you and become attached.

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