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App Development


App Development

Application Development can be defined as the creation of computer programmes and applications that will perform the tasks required by your business. In layman’s terms, it’s building websites and mobile apps, but at Screentime we do not merely build websites, we create digital spaces where your consumers can learn more about your brand. We solve problems that you never even knew existed

Our apps are platforms for you to communicate and interact with your consumers with ease. Our programmes are the perfect combination of relevant tools to increase consumer use. Thus improving lead generation and increasing your ROI. Application development is not “just” about programming. It’s about people and how we can bring you closer to them! Screentime custom designs your brand’s visual interface through a rigorous process.

We pay careful attention to detail, from initial planning; analysis; design; programming; testing and finally- the launch of your applications. The process begins with thorough planning. We identify consumer needs, programme solutions and analyse features of other competing applications. Our analysis includes creating solutions for anticipated problems and possible errors that the application might experience. After careful analysis, we design the application.

Choosing features that best suit brand and consumer needs. Once programme designs are approved, the construction of your website and/or application will begin. Our highly qualified team of geeks will begin their programming. They will develop the application according to the design and the analytics brief. When the application development process is complete extreme testing and retesting will begin. This is to ensure complete functionality and ease of use for the user. During testing, we lookout for errors and any potential problems that we’ve anticipated during programme analysis. Once all cylinders are running, application implementation can happen. The application is then launched and made available for users to interact with your brand directly. The Screentime process does not end there. We offer complete application support where we monitor the user experience and functionality of the application. Making room for revisions that will better your website and its use.