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15 St Margarets, NY 10033
(+381) 11 123 4567
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About us

Who is Screentime?

Screentime offers tailored digital solutions for your business problems. Our content and brand strategy involves using creative building blocks that will put your business 20 years into the future. All while you order your coffee in the present. Our futuristic approach helps you find the most relevant interlocking pieces. Allowing you build your future business in the present. The more imaginative pieces we use, the more play time for your user (yay!), resulting in greater business value- increasing your ROI (score!).

You’ve heard the term: “the world is a small place”. Well, the digital world isn’t! It’s vast and if you don’t know where you fit in this digital world, you won’t stand out to your client. That’s where we step in. We’ll help you find your place by creating the relevant content that will attract the right user for you. Through Brand Strategy, Web Application and Digital Marketing we re/develop your brand to align it with your customer of tomorrow.

The Team

Sechaba Mokoena
Ayanda Filita